Mirka Autonet™ 31-Piece Combo Pack

Mirka Autonet™ 31-Piece Combo Pack

Mirka Autonet™ 31-Piece Combo Pack
Close-up of a backing plate, Pad Protector, and Abranet Disc.3" Abranet Pad Protector6" Abranet Pad Protector
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This combo pack makes it easy on your pocketbook to run Autonet discs through their paces.  Includes 30 discs and a Pad Protector (see photos to the right).

Choose between 80, 120, 180, 150, 240, 320, 400, 500, 600, and 800 grade discs.

The included Pad Protector is needed if no Autonet Interface Pad is used between the disc and backing plate.

To view Pad Protector info:
3" Protector | 6" Protector

 OPTIONAL: Add an Interface Pad.  SAVE 17%. 
Interface pads increase contourability and help to better distribute applied pressure across the face of the disc.  This particular interface pad is designed specifically for use with Autonet™ Discs, and features hooks that will not protrude through the net mesh material.

Click to view the features and benefits of Autonet Interface Pads: 3" Interface | 6" Interface

To learn more about Autonet, visit this page: All About Mirka Net Mesh Discs.
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