Meguiar's 8" Double-Sided Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Double-Sided Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Double-Sided Wool Pad

Meguiar's 8" Double-Sided Wool Pad
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Double trouble for heavy paint defects.

If you polish a lot of paint, the time will come when you'll need maximum cutting power.  Meet the heavy hitter.  The big gun.  The leveler.

This is a powerful and well built pad. Its 100% wool fibers are 4-ply & twisted (four individual "ropes", twisted together, and placed into a backing plate).  At 1-1/2 inches long, their leveling power is incredible. When all these fibers get a move on, feel sorry for anything that gets in the way! Think Weedwhacker® to get a better idea of what I mean.  Overall pad diameter is 8 inches.

Bottom line: with so much wool traveling in tandem, leveling power is at its peak.  Lots of wool means lots of weight, so this pad is heavy compared to one-sided wool pads of the same diameter, but the moving mass can be a huge asset when compounding with a rotary.

Since this pad is double sided, the backing plate is sandwiched in the middle of the pad.   An exclusive W5000 feature is its unique backing plate construction, which features a rigid center for maximized results on flat surfaces, and a soft, pliable edge that's perfect for safe and gentle buffing in contours and curves. At the center of the backing plate is the metal threaded mounting point, which ensures precise centering and consequent balance of the pad as it rotates.

With two sides available for compounding duties, this pad can either be used twice as long as a one-sided pad (simply flip the pad to the fresh side), or it can be used with two different liquids. Convenient!

Note: This pad requires a spacer or an extension to ensure that the machine's mounting shaft will not protrude through the buffing pad.  Check out the 3M #05710 Superbuff Rotary Adapter.

Looking for a wool pad with similar features, but one-sided?
Check out the Meguiar's W4000 8" Cut 'N Shine Wool Cutting Pad.

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  • Actual diameter: 8"

  • Thread size:
    5/8-11 female
  • 100% twisted wool fibers:
    1-1/2"-long for faster and smooth cutting