Mirka CEROS - Accessories

Mirka CEROS - Accessories

Mirka CEROS - Accessories

Mirka CEROS - Accessories
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Supplement your CEROS with accessories that have been designed to improve your sanding experience.

The CEROS weighs in at about two pounds, making it easy to control and comfortable to use, for extended periods of time.

DC Transformer
The CEROS DC transformer can convert AC voltages from 90V to 240V. This allows the CEROS to be used around the world, when the appropriate power cord is installed. When would you need a second transformer? Perhaps one would be permanently mounted in a shop or on a vacuum, and the other could be used for portability.

DC Extension Cords
Extension cords can be used to extend the range between your sander and the transformer.  They are available in 13' (4m) and 33' (10m) lengths.

Vacuum Hose
The 13-foot long (4m) vacuum hose features a 1-1/4” O.D. threaded connection for use with the CEROS tool. The other end of the hose uses a standard 2-1/4” connection.

Hose Swivel Adapter
The swivel adapter is used to prevent kinks from occurring along the vacuum hose.

Velcro Strap
This strap is designed to pair the vacuum hose and DC cord tightly together. For longer runs, use more than one strap.

Hanging Cable
This wire cable is used to suspend the DC Transformer. Simply remove two screws, slip the cable and washers into place, and re-tighten the screws.

Bracket Kit
This bracket kit can be used to mount the DC transformer to Mirka’s MV-912 vacuum.

Systainer Container
Durable case for secure transport and storage. This is a genuine German made Tamos Systainer® unit. It can be stacked and attached to other Systainer units.

To learn more about CEROS, visit the CEROS Main Page.